Teams Cable To Undergo Planned Maintenance with Service Disruption

Today marks the start of downtime of the East African Marine System as the scheduled Preventive Maintenance Works on the TEAMS cable in efforts to enhance the security of the cable at UAE Off-shore kicks off.

This will see the system being brought down as from today 20th to 28th July 2016. This follows the proposed plans to expand the UAE port of Fujairah which will end in August 2016.

As a result of this, the company is making all the efforts they can to ensure that the system downtime and services interruptions are minimized to enable their esteemed customers to get access to the services.
“This planned cable reinforcement works is designed to increase security of the TEAMS cable against anchoring ships and external aggression. The timing for Preventive Maintenance Works has been chosen in compliance with the UAE Port of Fujairah timelines to avail more anchoring space required for expansion of the Port. During the time of complete system downtime, estimated at a maximum of 10 days, customers are likely to experience slow internet speeds because of bandwidth constraints as result of limited traffic restoration via other cable systems.” Said the TEAMS General Manager, Joel Tanui.

The TEAMS cable assured their customers of improved quality of services after the Preventive maintenance is completed hence the need for them to be patient during the 2 weeks period.

“Thereafter, the remaining protective works will be carried out after the system is re-powered and traffic restored. TEAMS kindly urges our esteemed customers to bear with us during this time of preventive maintenance; aimed at improvement of the quality of service and availability of the cable. All the preventive maintenance works are estimated to take about 2 weeks, subject to favourable sea weather conditions, with every effort being made to reduce the overall time as much as possible.” Tanui added.