An Experience With Tecno PhonePad 7 II


It has been weeks since I started using PhonePad 7 II and I  can attest that is a much better Phablet than most of what we have in the market.

I enjoy it because its double sim feature has covered my interests to have  a standard sim and a micro sim  all at the same time within the same gadget. The outsatnding feature, is its ability to handle the 4G network is very strong.

Design – I was lucky to get one with a cute design of metallic edges, its color is  champagne gold , the Phablet is fun to carry around. Its medium size and light weight makes it very portable. The PhonePad has a cover with the same color hence one doesn’t have to have a different cover. The cover edges allows you to put on or off the screen just by flipping it

Screen Size – A screen  size of 7” has been an advantage for me especially when I am reading. I no longer have to strain to see the letter or zoom because the screen is sizeable enough and allows me to see every word clearly. I must confess that I have never missed reading the documents or even scriptures since I started using it.

Battery Life – Another amazing thing about PhonePad 7 II is the battery life! The Phablet has a 4100mAh battery. Nowadays I do not have to carry my charger  or power banks around because the battery can last for atmost 36 hour Isn’t it amazing ? When you browse and watch videos continuously, the battery can last for 12 hours which is amazing.

Camera – Without forgetting, the Phablet is optimized for photography since it has a 5 mp back and 2 mp front camera. Being a selfie lover, nowadays I have fun by taking photographs all day. Sincerely speaking PhonePad’s camera cannot beat Camon C9 cameras but it is still cool for decent photos.

Screen Resolution – Oooh I love the screen resolution for the Phablet, having 600×1024 screen resolution almost the same as my computer. Being a passionate graphic designer, nowadays I enjoy viewing my designed Logos and other graphics on the PhonePad. It gives me pleasure to see the actual pixels of the images and having an added advantage of a big screen, I do love it.

The only thing I would like to be bigger is the RAM, PhonePad has 1 GB RAM, personally I would love it to be 2 GB. Nonetheless, the 16 GB ROM is sufficient for me. Nonetheless the good news is , its  external memory is expandable ato 124 GB.

To conclude, this gadget saves you from carrying two gadgets at a time; a phone and a tablet. Why? Since it serves you both, it is a phone and a tablet.

Generally, I must say this gadget is a good one! The price is Kshs. 14,499/- and can be bought from any Tecno branded shops.