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While the MacBook Air has predominantly been hailed as the world’s thinnest ultrabook, you might be surprised to learn that there is an even thinner competitor – the ASUS UX 305 Zenbook.

From my personal experience, the device looks and feels very premium. The Aluminum body and bevel edges will also get you mistaking it for a MacBook Air, which seems to have been the intention looking at the design.

The first time you hold the Zenbook, will be amazed by how light it feels. The smooth cover no doubt feels strong, thanks to the aluminum that is made to feel and look stylish and elegant.

I came across a machine I would consider much lighter, thinner, and has a longer battery capacity than any MacBook currently on the market.

For ladies looking for a stylish device that doesn’t add weight to their already heavy bag, they will be impressed by just how thin and light this laptop is. Comparing it to my already thin Infinix Zero 3, my smartphone looked and felt bulky.

No Compromise on Performance The build however does not in any way compromise on performance. The laptop boost just as fast as your smartphone when you open it. Tasks I normally use my smartphone for, such as send a quick email felt just as fast doing on the laptop.

The 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD memory gives you speeds you only get on high-end devices.

Did I mention the laptop is fanless?

That’s right. The Zenbook is so quiet that watching movies even on very low volume will still be a pleasure. The fanless design no doubt helps to ensure the device stays thin without overheating. When it comes to pricing, the Zenbook UX 305 is the best budget ultrabook around.

Compared to MacBooks, you better have some heavy digits in your pocket if you are intend to go Apple. However for the same performance and elegance, you dont have to dig too deep in your pocket to get the Zenbook.

Of course, we have to talk about the battery life. The laptop gives you over 11 hours of battery life. So if you work outdoors or travel a lot, you get a full day’s work on the device before you recharge.

The ASUS UX305 Zenbook is no doubt a premium device at a very affordable rate. It delivers high performance while maintaining elegance.

Dont we all want that?


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