Why Your Company Should Be Listed on NSE

benefits of listing your company on NSE

Being listed on Nairobi securities exchange is one of the greatest milestones a company can ever make. Have you ever wondered why all corporates companies aim at being listed on NSE?

Here are some of the benefits that your company will gain after being listed on NSE. I must say the benefits are really awesome.

First, a company listed on NSE has its company profile enhanced and it increases its visibility hence opening the company to many business opportunities.

Once your company has been listed on NSE, you will be advantaged to accessing lower cost on capital, which gives them the opportunity to get large pools of capitals hence positioning your company to unsecured debts which is an added advantage.

Listing your company on NSE offers you two kind of tax advantages namely; corporation tax and CGT.
In situations where a company is family owned, listing accords the succession plan of the company hence reducing cases of family members fighting for leadership positions.

Listing your company on NSE opens a way for you to maintain talent in your company and manage it appropriately.

Similarly, having your company on NSE list will allow you, as the owner, to sell down small shareholding on periodically.

Listing your company on NSE enables it to get attract and get a lot of attention internationally and gain several other acquirers.

Finally, listing your company on NSE boost your business operation to higher level of corporate structure and corporate governance hence making your company to be at the top.

From the above it is evident that listing your company on NSE has a lot of benefits of boosting your business, enabling you to access capitals with lower costs, tax advantage and accords of succession plan with your company among others