Manufacturers Lament Due To Poor Infrastructure



Manufacturers in Industrial Area yesterday hosted a site visit for the Principal Secretary, State Department for Infrastructure in the Ministry of Transport and infrastructure, Eng. John Mosonik to discuss urgent solutions for the infrastructural challenges currently affecting their businesses.

The Manufacturers, under the banner of Kenyan Association of Manufacturers, cited poor drainage, bad roads and poor waste disposal as a major deterrent to effective business operations in the area.

Led by the KAM CEO Ms. Phyllis Wakiaga, and former Chairman Arun Devani, the manufacturers led the PS on a tour of the area from the Donholm roundabout under construction, Sasio Road, Rangwe Road, which is one of the most dilapidated, Nadume close and Road A.

During the visit, the manufacturers pointed out the bad condition of roads leading to their factories, the prevalence of poorly discarded waste and the clogged drainages that are exacerbated by increasing informal settlements and poor planning.


“We thought it was important for the Government to experience firsthand the difficulties that our businesses face in this area. Manufacturing contributes to 11% of the GDP and 60% of the value-add companies are located in industrial area – meaning that the government collects a major share of its tax revenue from here. Yet we have sewage water running right in front of some of our factories, roads that are completely impassable at times and damage transport vehicles and our workers also suffer these difficulties. We need urgent intervention on these issues.” Noted KAM CEO Phyllis Wakiaga said,

Speaking during the tour PS Eng. John Mosonik expressed his shock at how bad the state of the roads were. He confirmed the Ministries commitment to prioritize some of the problems using a multi-sectoral approach involving other ministries and government agencies to deal with the health and safety hazards brought about by the infrastructural and planning challenges.


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