Comparison Review;Why Tecno PhonePad 7 II Reigns Over Samsung Tab 4 & Huawei T1

Phonepad 7II, Tecno’s phablet which was launched Two weeks ago is an Outstanding tablet with a number of added advantage because of its amazing features.

Compared to HUAWEI T1, Lenove TAB 2 A7-30 and Samsung TAB 4 tablets, Phonepad 7II seems to be the best in terms of battery, portability, camera and network among others.

see comparison below;

Comparison of PP 7II, Lenove TAB 2 A7-30,Samsung TAB4 and HUAWEI T1. Designed by: Naomi Gloria

Comparison of PP 7II, Lenove TAB 2 A7-30,Samsung TAB4 and HUAWEI T1.
Designed by: Naomi Gloria

PhonePad 7II Advantage

Dual SIM – Phonepad has a Dual SIM card dual standby. It covers better, cost less and offer more.
4G Support – PhonePad 7II enables faster downloads and easier sharing of files.
RAM – PhonePad 7II has a RAM of 1GB which is the same as Huawei T1 and Lenove TAB 2 A7-30 while Samsung TAB 4 has a slightly higher RAM of 1.5 GB.
Memory – Phonepad 7II has a larger inbuilt memory capacity of 16 GB compared to Huawei T1 and Samsung TAB 4 which has 8GB.

External Memory
– PhonePad 7II memory capacity can be expanded up to 124GB. With this kind of memory one can save a lot of files in it without the need of Flash disk.
Battery – Larger battery capacity and Ultra power mode which enables one to multitask without the need of charging it frequently.
Camera – With Rear camera of 5MP AF with flash and a front camera of 2.0 MP flash, it gives one a beautiful selfine with a skin beauty effect. This is a unique effect not provided by the other three TABS.
FM Antenna – No need to plug in headphone because you can enjoy the radio anytime, anywhere. This is the coolest thing ever, do you imagine listening to a radio without headphones?.
Smart touch – The Smart Touch is convenient and Cool because you do not have to go for the button for example Slide”C” open MUSIC under off screen mode. This is an outstanding feature for PP7II.
Smart Cover – PhonePad 7II also has a smart cover while Huawei T1, Samsung TAB 4 and Lenove TAB 2 A7-30 does not have.

From the above, PhonePad 7II proves to have more unique features that will give you the best experience ever. This is one Tablet that You need to own.