Even At 60, Only New Innovations Will Help Tetra Pak Meet Its Market Demands!


Leading packaging and food processing firm, Tetra Pak has today confirmed its plans to grow the market by an average of 27 packs every year per Kenyan consumers even as they celebrate their 60th anniversary!

This comes even as the dairy industry accounts for 14% of agricultural GDP and 6-8% of the country’s total GDP despite milk production of 5 billion litres annually

Addressing members of the fourth estate and investors present in a morning briefing, the firms East Africa Managing director Hakan Soderholm noted that they are expecting continued double digit growth in East Africa due to the rise in demand by the consumers for high quality, nutritious and affordable products.

Having delivered its first filling line in 1956, Tetra paks Nairobi is today supplying packaging to the growing consumer needs of 13 markets across Africa, as it aims to reach over 100 million emerging consumers by continued investments in infrastructure, equipment, and capabilities made by a wide network of customers in East Africa.

Pushed by urbanization and emerging markets to grow, Tetra paks president and CEO highlighted the need to embrace technology and have continuous innovation inorder to stay relevant in the market.

“We believe that our future success depends on our continued ability to provide safe, secure and sustainable nourishments to our consumers.However this requires us to continually innovate and find new ways to meet the evolving expectations of the market and increasingly diverse needs of customers” he noted.

Today, the total numbers of packages delivered by Tetra pack in East Africa region represents only 3 packages per person while the global average is 30 packages per person.



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