Reaction of #KOT On The 2016/2017 Budget

Yesterday afternoon, Treasury CS Henry Rotich read the Budget for the financial year 2016/2017 of 2.3 trillion.

According to a study done by IPSOS between 4th-7th June 2016 Less than 50 percent of Kenyans felt that that last year’s budget had a positive impact in the ordinary lives of Kenyans.

On the 2016/2017 budget, 25% of Kenyans felt that a lot of attention should be directed to agriculture, rural and urban development while 18% wanted to attention to focus on education sector, 17% wanted more attention to shift to health sector and 12% wanted the attention to go to energy, infrastructure and ICT.



The 2016/2017 Budget seems to have a slight diversion of what the ordinary citizens expected because a larger percentage of the budget went to security having 264.6 billion.

On taxes, kerosene and beauty products are the most affected. Women feel that they have been largely hit by the budget considering the fact that women love makeup. citizens who rely on kerosene as their mainly source of energy also feel much affected because they will have to pay extra coins.

Kenyans on twitter have been tweeting on how they feel about the budget with others criticizing it while others agreeing with it.

What is your opinion on the budget.’Leave your comments below.

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