Review: A Must Know Phonepad 7 II Features


One Week down the line after the 4G enabled Phonepad 7II launch, I have to attest that this devices is outstanding.

From being sizeable, light, silky with its metallic finish, phonepad7II which is Tecno’s latest phablet, brings you the fun and feeling of a tablet and a smartphone at the same time.

Well, is it on a screen lock? Double click it to wake up and walk with me.


Phonepad 7 II comes with a 7” ultra-big screen which gives it the feel of a tablet. It is aimed to cater for youth’s demand of big screen size smartphone to fulfill their need of more fun in the mobile internet era.

It features an absolutely massive 7-inch IPS display, which eliminate the dilemma of choosing between costly smartphones and bulky tablets. It has a resolution of 600X1024 which makes it clearer for video watching or gaming.

With this size, it solves the problem of carrying two gadgets together when you are going out.  Unlike other phablets, the Phonepad 7II comes with a free smart cover, which makes it complete.

Am not so good in colors, but I believe the smart cover colour suits both gender perfectly.

The cover also plays the wake up or sleeps function by slightly flipping it up and down from its edges and a stand function.

The design of PhonePad 7II carries modern influences: an all-metallic finish, a slim bezel, and an ultra-thin unibody.


Powered by a 64-bit Cortex A53 quad-core processor, Phonepad7 is running on the latest android version (Android 5.1) Lollipop.

It provides enhanced performance while the power consumption becomes less.

Equipped with an external Memory card slot that is expandable to upto 124GB, the Phonepad has an internal memory of 16GB and operates on a 1GB RAM

In addition, it has 2 SIM card slots, which qualifies it to be used as a smartphone. This gives users more convenience as they can separate their personal life from working time.


Just like the Droipad8 II, Phonepad 7 II device features a 2.0MP front camera with flash and a 5.0MP Auto Focus back camera.

phone pad back camera b

Phonepad 7 II back Camera ,power and Volume Buttons |Photo by: Abel Muhatia

This feature promises sharp and detailed images even in low lighting conditions, which definitely bring users enjoyment while taking selfies or capturing beautiful views.   However, the images are not as clear as those Tecno J8 or Infinix zero 3.

For you to get a good photo with it, you must be in a proper lighting condition.


PhonePad 7II offers connectivity options such as Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and FM. It comes with a massive 4100mAh battery, which provides nearly 12-hour video playback on a single charge.

In addition, Tecno has ensured that the device automaticllyy connects to a 2G, 3G and 4G internet. With the phone pad on full power, one can browse for a continuous 12 hours without a letdown from it.


As Kenyans, we love entertainment, and more so, we love Radio! To make this hobby more fun, Phonepad 7 II allows us to connect to Radio without an aerial.

Its screen size and resolution is also perfect for gaming and video playback  More to this, it has the boom player, which allows music lovers to access a huge catalogue of music and Videos from African and International artists.

phone pad speaker b

Phone pad 7 II Speakers | Photo By ;Abel Muhatia

The contents are available for streaming and download  The gadget is also smart touch enabled! With this feature, it gives you the user a quicker and direct access to an app of your choice with various gestures from a locked screen.

For instance, you can type C on a locked screen to access the Camera, or W to access Whatssap.

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