Why LinkedIn will Outdo Facebook

For one to have a successful social media marketing, it is about knowing where your customers are and establishing your presence there. There is no doubt that all professionals from all industries are spending their better parts of their days on social media.

Currently, Facebook is the main networking site where many people spend their time despite the presence of Twitter and other platforms. However, if you ask most of the people who spend their time on Facebook, they will tell you they are there to enjoy themselves or for their personal and private use while LinkedIn is for professional use.

Since the inception of LinkedIn, people has viewed it as a professional networking site as compared to Facebook despite the fact that LinkedIn have fewer users. The reason behind this is that LinkedIn a trusted place for networking your business while Facebook is for connecting with friends and family.

Facebook and LinkedIn are similar in the fact that both offer a platform of becoming part of business community. Facebook has Fan Pages while LinkedIn has Companies Pages. Facebook Fan Pages allow people to interact via wall postings and optional applications, while LinkedIn Companies Pages allow professionals to recommend company products and services as well as add comments to their recommendations. LinkedIn followers can see who in their network made what company recommendation just as Facebook users can see which of their friends like certain pages.

Advanced features for LinkedIn
LinkedIn Targets a more professional community building where it has a ‘like’ feature that allows one to follow the company. LinkedIn also has ‘recommend’ feature where professionals can recommend products and services for you company page. This adds more value to the company as compared to just a ‘like’.

Better page management tools

LinkedIn offers a platform where a group admin is able to search through members in an easy way, add them as managers or delete them while Facebook Fan Page administrators have problems managing their pages efficiently because settings don’t allow for specific content control. LinkedIn, however, has several moderation tools built into the groups that allow for granular detail regarding who can post what. Facebook does not offer such extensive features. In that respect, LinkedIn Groups are at the cutting edge of community management on any major social media site.
More room for in-depth conversation.

Engagement on Groups in LinkedIn is significant because there is a lot of room for discussion; users are not confined to the small and limited status update boxes such as those used on Facebook. Furthermore, Groups offer daily and weekly digests so that followers can stay on top of discussions through email, a feature that is lacking with Pages.
Has LinkedIn become the preferred social media channel for your company?