Kenya to host the first ever ICANN’s African Regional Engagement Office

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has launched the first ever African regional engagement office in Nairobi. The announcement was made yesterday at a press briefing during a joint engagements with the ICT Cabinet Secretary, Mr. Joe Mucheru.

The selection of Kenya by ICANN as their African home is an evidence that Kenya has played a significant role in the internet ecosystem. Statistics show that Kenya has an internet penetration of 35.5 million people which places it among the most connected population in the world.

ICANN engagement with other African Governments and the private sector is set to deepen further given that their offices are now available in East Africa region.

“Kenya has continued to work with regional bodies towards the growth of the Internet use in Africa and we are glad to have ICANN make Nairobi its first engagement office location for Africa. We believe that collaboration with ICANN will encourage investors in ICT to provide services from the Kenyan cyberspace through the hosting of root servers, Data centers, and cloud services among others.” Mr. Mucheru said.

ICANN is dedicated to keep the internet secure, stable and interoperable through promoting competition and developing policies on internet. Similarly, the company also have a significant impact on the global expansion and internet evolution through their coordination role in internet naming system.

Communications Authority of Kenya chairman Mr.Ngene Gituku said that ICANN’s regional presence in Africa and its choice of Kenya is a big boost to the ICT sector and further reasserts Kenya’s position as an ICT powerhouse. He also called upon various actors in the space to collaborate so that Kenyan and African synergies can be in a better, safer ICT space.