How The Government Has Compensated Huruma Residents

Huruma Building Collapses

The ill-fated building that collapsed over a week ago following heavy rainfalls at Huruma has left hundreds homeless and tens dead.

Despite the efforts by the county government to provide funds to affected families, nothing seems to replace their losses.

The county gave Kshs 10,000 to each family for resettlement and an addition of  KSh 50,000 to families who lost  their loved ones to help them with funeral arrangements.

There are plans by the county government to bring down 250 houses that are termed as ‘disaster awaiting’ the unfortunate part of it is that 78 of them are in Huruma.

Children going to school are yet to resume school as the county government promises to settle their fees.

Housing might become a challenge considering the fact that more than 200 houses will be brought down.

Nairobians will be facing the challenge of securing a safe house to live in since now many have fears of which house to live in.

The landlords or house owners are set to incur losses as a result. The planning and Land Executive Mr Khaemba has urged the owners of the buildings that were marked for demolition to begin demolishing their houses rescue their building materials and failure to that the county government will demolish them at the expense of the owners.

“We are advising those living in houses marked ‘X’ to move out because they have structural defects,” said Mr Khaemba.

A building on Langa’ata road with a value of kshs 1 Billion is also set to be demolished despite their owners filing a case in court. Mr Khaemba said that the county government has challenged the order in the court

House owners whom they get their approvals via the defunct city council should also be trembling as the county government continues with investigations to find the defective ones.

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