Safaricom Explains Leaked KPMG Report


Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore has today raised concerns and addressed corruption allegations cropping from a petition presented to parliament on a leaked confidential KPMG audit report.

This follows the forwarding of the report by the Speaker to the Finance Committee on Thursday and a publication of the same on on May 6th 2015 positioning Safaricom as a corrupt corporate organization and demanding deportation of Collymore back to Guyana.

“What is circulating on social media is a draft report.It was unlawfully released and we shall get the police to investigate the why and how it was stolen” Clarified Safaricom Chief Executive Bob Collymore as he addressed the media this morning at the company’s headquarters.

He added that the report, being confidential, is a priviledge document for only a few eyes and can’t just be released to the public due to legal implications.


According to Collymore, KPMG had previously done a forensic audit of safaricom where they later recommended a number of processes to be put in place. It is for this reason that they were contacted to come and review if the processes were effective and if people were following them correctly.

In the petition by one Michael Ngungi, who introduces himself as a Kenyan Citizen and a resident of South C, he cites tender processes, awards, and general shortcomings of ethical processes and governance as far as supplier selection and management are concerned as proof of safaricom being a corrupt institution.

Ngugi goes ahead to  request the August House to initiate open hearings on the overall corrupt conduct of safaricom and involve the Nairobi stock exchange, Capital Markets Authority and Ethics And Anti Corruption to commission to  begin their investigations on the allegations.

Safaricoms Corporate Affairs director, Steve Chege who was also present in the briefing noted that the leaked report is unreliable since it has not legally been commissioned.

“We give contracts in well defined processes and not as mentioned in the petition” he clarified.


Following this leakage, Collymore mentioned that no staunch action will be taken at this point.However, once the person who leaked the draft report is found, legal action will be taken against him or her.

Nonetheless, Collymore has confirmed   to have received the final report from KPMG and he is still reading it


In addition to the above, Chege noted that allowing people to get confidential documents, and presenting them to parliament will create bad environment for organization to do business in the country.

He also clarified that they do not have any knowledge of the petitioner and have never carried out any business with him.

However his stance on the company and the speed in which the petition took to appear before parliament raises eyebrows and leads one to ask, what is the motive behind the petition?

While on the other hand, what is parliament’s role in looking at illegally acquired documents?


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