SimbaPay Increases Transfer Limit To A Whopping $45,000 (USD) to Africa


Money transfer has evolved over the years from the tradition post office to digital platforms. In the 21st century everything is almost going digital.

Is it not good for you to receive money from abroad in less than five minutes in your mobile phone with no transaction fee? Who doesn’t enjoy speed? Of course everyone does. Thanks to SimbaPay who have provided that platform.

Transacting with SimbaPay has been improving. Previously one could send a maximum amount of $3,000 per one transaction but as SimbaPay pray strive to meet the customers’ expectations extreme speed, convenience and constant innovation, they have announced a single money transfer of up to $45,000. This is a really large figure amounting to more than Kshs 4 Million.

The Africans have a reason to celebrate as a result since they have been facing challenges on how to receive money from relatives or businesses abroad.

The head of operation at SimbaPay, Victor Karanja acknowledges the fact that transacting money and purchasing properties in Africa has been made easier.

The increase transfer limit is expected to ease large purchases of properties, goods, settling bills and paying schools fees. It is an added advantage to the African Immigrants who are living in Europe as they send money to Africa for various purposes.

SimbaPay also provide discounted Exchanged rates to customers who send large amount of money. With increased transfer limit, customers will be able to send money at more favorable exchange rates.
Once the money has been received in Africa via mobile, It  is credited to the customer’s bank account or mobile money wallet hence they are able to withdraw.

“A pain point for customers in the past has been having to undertake multiple transfers to complete a single purchase.”

“A key risk with multiple transfers was exchange rate fluctuation. Sending up to $45,000 with just our mobile app will protect senders from the fluctuation that arises when one splits up the transfer,” said Karanja.

“What further sets SimbaPay apart from other money transfer services is that the App can do more than just send money directly to mobile money services such as M-Pesa. SimbaPay can also send money to bank accounts in Africa and to Pay Bill merchants such as schools and utility companies,” said Karanja.
I know you are wondering how you will receive the money via your mobile phone, tablet or computer. There is an app for SimbaPay for all platforms including iPad, iPhone, Android and web.

One can download the App on Apple AppStore or Google Play
To send money via SimbaPay, Africans living in the EU with a bank account or debit card simply download the SimbaPay app from the Apple AppStore or Google Pla

App users can then proceed to securely make money transfers straight from any smartphone, tablet or computer.