M-PESA Records 27.1% Increase In Active Users As Service Expands To other Countries In Africa


MPESA has surpassed 25 million active customers having recorded a 27.1% increase to 25.3 million customers in the year ended 31st march 2016.

This accelerated growth has largely been boosted by market launches in Albania and Ghana and supported by a network of more than 261,000 agents in 11 M-PESA countries.

“Since 2007, M-PESA has enhanced the lives and livelihoods of people without bank accounts, giving them access to essential financial services through their mobile phones” noted Vodafone Group Director of Mobile Money, Michael Joseph

According to a statement released yesterday by Vodacom, the growth has also come handy through signing of partnership in regional markets which included government partnerships with the Ministry of Social Development in Lesotho to pay welfare grants using M-PESA.

Others included Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture which is now paying fertilizer subsidies using M-PESA and in India, where the National Rural Livelihoods Mission utilises M-PESA to enable financial inclusion for women’s groups and the National Rural Health Mission is using the service to disburse pre-natal health benefits.

In Tanzania, MPESA is now used by solar solution companies including Mobisol, Off-Grid Electric, to help provide affordable clean energy for thousands of rural households, while Qatar Airways and KLM now accept M-PESA for air tickets from Tanzania.

The most interesting one is in Mozambique where Global development agencies now use M-PESA to pay employee salaries and allowances.

Water, electricity and pay television companies in the country collect payments via M-PESA. The national carrier LAM also accepts M-PESA for air tickets.

Over the past 12 months, Vodafone has agreed a series of deals with partners to enable M-PESA customers to transact with other services and across borders.



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