Kenyan Creatives Call For Massive Voter Registration Ahead Of 2017 Elections


With only two years remaining to the general election, the political atmosphere has started gathering and the political wind is now increasing its speed as its blows towards 2017.

Having this in mind, local creative’s have unveiled a peaceful campaign dubbed #KuraMoja aimed at encouraging the Kenyan Youth to get registered to vote ahead of the much awaited elections.

The #KuraMoja Campaign will kick off in unique and adventurous style—in the East African Soul Train (E.A.S.T.). Setting off on February 5th from the Rift Valley Railways, this train will be ‘moving through space & time’.

This train will see off its passengers on their creative adventure to Mombasa, continuing on to Kilifi for a creative round table to review the creative projects initiated on the train.

“We are exploring where we are coming from and where we are going. Artists will have the opportunity to explore possible perspectives with the aim to collect them, mix them up and engage in the bigger conversation that we are all part of.” Says Laura Walubengo, artist liaison for #KuraMoja

To engage the youth and public’s interest in a better nation, #KuraMoja Campaign will additionally utilise creative platforms to highlight a variety of topics like education, employment, housing, transportation, health, human rights, wildlife and environmental conservation that affect the youth in their day to day lives.

Other #KuraMoja founding artists include Patricia Kihoro, Laura Walubengo, Taio and Blinky Bill, among others. They will explore themes and collaborate with other artists on the train. E.A.S.T. Collective co-founder Geraldin Hepp will be working in collaboration with the Creatives Garage and other artists to explore on artists’ expression and what East Africa’s creative sector looking in and outside into other regions and globally.

A variety of creative spaces co-hosted by the creative hubs of Nairobi around Kenya will act as #KuraMoja hubs.  From artists to musicians, poets, writers, radio hosts, fashion designers, fashion collaborators and more; activities at these hubs will include DJs, art projects and live performances.

Entry and access to this will be free because #KuraMoja encourages youth to meet and get mentorship from key players in African arts and culture scene and Kenya’s entertainment industry.

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