BRCK Kio Kit Wins “Educational Tech of The Year” Award


BRCK Kio Kit has won the “Educational Tech of The Year” Award in the Stuff Magazine Gadget Awards.

The Kit, a BRCK Inc tech company product  spearheaded by the BRCK Education team was chose for its innovative design which includes 40 customized drop and water-resistant tablets; 40 earphones; a BRCK Pi; a router and a plug to provide wireless charging, all within a 40kg rugged case.

“Designing a product that offers a strong and viable school-based solution and promotes digital access in education by enabling instantaneous access for up to 40 devices is something we are very proud to achieve,” said Nivi Sharma, President of BRCK Education.

The Kio Kit provides a “digital classroom in a box” model that connects any school within range of a mobile phone tower to the internet, as well as provides locally hosted content on the Kio tablets within each kit.

It is  a simple, effective solution which requires minimal training or technical knowledge to setup and use. Each tablet offers up to eight hours of continuous use and the kit can recharge within four hours from mains electricity or solar panels. There is a single plug used to charge the kit and one button to power on the entire system.

Speaking on the award win, BRCK CEO Erik Hersman commented, “Winning an award that promotes the marriage of education and technology echoes our belief that learning should not be limited to teachers and textbooks. We want our Kio Kit’s to be useful tools for both teachers and students to access up-to-date educational materials in an easy, reliable and modern way. We passionately believe in our ability to positively impact the quality of learning of students in Kenya. But, we cannot do this alone. We are proud that both local and international organizations, both big and small, have joined us to make this dream a reality.”


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