How Kenyan Bloggers Are Fighting “I Freedom Illiteracy”

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The rights and freedoms of internet users across the globe are not clear among many citizens. This has led to the prosecution and even judgement of individuals who have posted content on either their social media platforms or blogs that violate the internet laws.

With Kenya being among the countries with the fast growing internet population in Africa, many of its citizens who also join social media platforms to connect with friends and relatives have not been left out in this cocoon of “internet rights illiterates”

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It is out of these reasons that the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) has initiated the internet freedom citizen Education campaign. Dubbed i Freedom

Come tomorrow evening, the association is set to host an event on African declaration on internet rights which seeks to create awareness on internet rights and freedoms, educate internet users in Kenya on their rights as citizens, educate Kenyans online on the specific rights entitled to them, increase online dialogue from enlightened citizens on their internet rights and freedoms among many other key issues.

The key message of the campaign will revolve around principles Freedom of Expression, Right to Information, Freedom of Assembly and Association on the Internet, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, Privacy, Security on the Internet and Right to Due Process.

Targeting Kenya youths aged 16-40 years of age and Kenyan bloggers, BAKE hopes that this campaign will raise the level of literacy among Kenyans on matters internet freedom and at the same time boost their morale to actively participate in online content creation that build the country in one way or the other.


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