Questions That I Desire To Ask Ordinary Nakuru Residents


Last night at the annual AfricaCom awards in Cape Town, Liquid Telecom and the Office of the President (Kenya) picked up the award in the Changing Lives category for providing free wifi named “BILAWAYA” (Swahili slang meaning “WIRELESS”), to homes and businesses in Nakuru County, Kenya.

I really desire to know,how has  the life of an ordinary Nakuru resident change?

Nakuru residents can you confirm that Bilawaya covers a 10-kilometre radius from the CBD, with a capacity of 1 Giga byte per second (gbps)? That there is free internet available in major streets, markets, transport terminus and stadia – as well as the university campuses?

Despite winning prestigious awards, has Bilawaya provided a wealth of valuable and practical advice for Internet novices, as well as the more experienced?


As a Nakuru Resident, What benefits have you gained from Bilawaya? What would you like the government to prioritize?

This hugely positive response to the free wifi network has triggered demand for wifi services across Kenya; Liquid has already been approached by five other County Governments to implement a similar solution after hearing of the success and popularity of Bilawaya.

Meanwhile the Nakuru County Government has already been asked to extend the network to other areas within the County to meet demand.

So as you meditate about this, keep in mind that Plans are at an advanced stage to connect Naivasha and Gilgil towns as well as Egerton University in Njoro and more streets and public areas in Nakuru town.


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