RELAX: Fine Will Not Be Payable Until Negotiation Is Concluded-MTN


Just imagine a fine summing up to more than what you earn!  Won’t you run bankrupt?

This is what has been eating MTN, a telecommunication giant after it was fined 5.2 billion by the Nigerian Communication commissions for not cutting off unregistered Sim cards leading to the resignation  of its CEO Sifiso Dabengwa early last month.

Since the payment deadline of November 16 is over?  How far is the case?  Well, latest reports indicate that NCC agreed that no payment will be paid until the end of negotiations which have kicked off, spearheaded by the current acting boss, Phuthuma Nhleko

According to this report from MTN, Shareholders are now advised that the executive chairman of the company, Mr Phuthuma Nhleko, has personally met with the Nigerian authorities to continue the ongoing discussions with them regarding the fine hence they shouldn’t be in worry.

more to follow…..



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