Why Tana River County Needed More Water

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Davis &Shirtliff East Africa’s leading supplier of Water and Energy equipment, has completed the installation of an industrial-sized solar-powered water pump to improve the supply of clean water in Wenje Division, Tana River County.

Selected to provide the equipment by Wenje Parish and Mission Care from Ireland, Davis & Shirtliff hasinstalled a Dayliff submersible pump, powered by 133 solar panels that will supply 21KW of power, together with a 10,000 litertank to hold water for domestic use.



The installation will enable the Maroni Community to pump large quantities of water for longer periods, sparing them the long distances they previously had to walk to get to water points and reducing the risk of being attacked by predators as well as slashing the incidence of waterborne ddiseases.

“Our people walk as far as 15km in search of water from the crocodile-infested river. We installed two boreholes in two villages for domestic use, and put up a diesel pump to supply water to farms for irrigation, but it could only help on a small parcel of land and the effort did not solve the problem, hence we searched for help from Mission Care from Ireland,” said Father Peter Ndegwa of St John The Baptist, Wenje Parish.

To make the switch to ground water, the village invested in a borehole whose yield is able to supply enough water to irrigate 16 acres of crops. They also built a secure structure for the 133 solar panels. Davis & Shirtliff engineers then installed the panels, connected them to the pump, and installed a 10,000 litre water tank in the centre of the village to hold water for domestic use.

The project included an irrigation plan put together by engineer Khalifan Bakari, the Director of Irrigation Development Services Tana River County.

“We are proud to be part of this project, which has not only solved the water problem in Wenje, but will also help save lives and improve health. Moreover, residents will not incur any extra costs after the installation, with no running or maintenance costs,” said Mr. Yusuf Siraj, Commercial Manager Davis & Shirtliff, Mombasa.

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