Too hard to prepare a meal? Get ready recipes on Africa’s number 1 online kitchen

Kenyan entrepreneur Njuru Mwangi has now made it easier for the world to prepare different   African cuisine through his online platform

The platform, oftenly updates recipes of different meals approved by professional chefwork hand in hand with its team.  “We are currently accepting recipe submissions from chefs only so as to achieve quality, when   ready the recipes can be submitted online and await approval before being published.”

Confirms a statement in the website.  Launched four months ago, attracts approximately 1500 to 2000 visitors on a daily   basis to enquire on the latest recipes and also get the recipe of their choice in the already   established online menu.

“Since we launched in February this year, I have received amazing traffic on the site not   forgetting the many requests from citizens from other nations who bear the desire to prepare   Kenyan meals” says Njuru in an earlier interview with a Kenyan daily newspaper

Njuru Mwangi founder,with His excellency President Uhuru kenyatta at a past event. PHOTO CREDIT.

Njuru Mwangi founder,with His excellency President Uhuru kenyatta at a past event. PHOTO CREDIT.

Recipes likely to be found in the platform include; Creamed Spinach, Baked omelet, Pilau,   meatballs and sausages, Samosa, Potato pancakes among others. 

Besides the recipes, recently launched jikoni, an online platform where people, ask   and post any kitchen related questions.  This has eased understanding on meal preparation for many users of the site, who constitutes tens   of bachelors and spinsters.

To boost his audience, Njuru Mwangi confirms that soon the website will introduce a video page   where users will be able to watch practically how the meals are cooked.  He says this will be achieved through their recent partnership with Strathmore university centre   for tourism and hospitality where students and facilitators will showcase their abilities in the   kitchen by showing people how to cook different African dishes. aims at seeing at least two African meals prepared in each home on a daily basis.


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