East Africa’s Largest Water Park to be constructed in Kilifi County, Kenya

A model of Sultan Palace Beach Retreat PHOTO BY webaraza.com

Kilifi County is set to host East Africa’s largest water parks named as Sultan Palace Beach Retreat, through a rehabilitation plan by real estate developer sultan palace.

This comes after the palace decided to transform three quarry sites within its 43 acre parcel of beachfront property, turning neglected land for more than 30 years into a waterpark as a core feature for its ..

luxurious beach retreat

“Mining and quarrying can leave permanent scars on landscapes and ecosystems. In one of the finest locations in Kenya, we found a considerable tract of land that had very limited use unless rehabilitated to fit into the project plan for the beach retreat,” said Liu Tiancai, General Manager Sultan Palace Development Limited.

The rehabilitation plan comes a time when the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and the World Summit for Sustainable Development Implementation Plan have recognized the restoration of land resources as a critical factor in achieving economic and ecological sustainability, stating that this requires innovative approaches.

So far the project has been achieved by leveling the landscape for a waterpark and investing in a tree nursery to beautify the unsightly site.

This has been achieved by leveling the landscape for a water park and investing in a tree nursery to beautify the unsightly site.

Normally, the pits would have been filled with soil, probably imported, but the developers of the holiday homes are instead turning the pits into swimming pools, a 1,000 square-meter water park and a water storage facility for the development.

According to Tiancai, the neglected ditches are developed around their existing condition to ensure minimum disturbance to the environment.

For the quarries that cannot be rehabilitated, the developer aims to back-fill them with coral stones from the construction site, a cost-effective measure whose alternative would have been to ship in back-fill materials.

The water park will feature water play areas with water slides, tunnels, splash pads and lazy rivers designed to enable children to have active fun with an element of adventure.

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