Coke studio achieves what many African Patriots are struggling with

Artists performing at coke studio.Photo courtesy of

Who ever thought that a West and East African especially from not any other country but Nigeria and Tanzania would one day do a hit song in Africa!

“Your body de shake, my money de wait, for you… baby ..more time west, make you God bless….My number one, my sweetie  sweetie number one, my baby ooh…

goes an interesting collabo and remix by Diamond and Davido from Tanzania

Thanks to coke studio that finally they did!

Davidiamond performing at coke studio season 2 PHOT COURTESY of

Davidiamond performing at coke studio season 2

“When I did a song with diamond, I dint know who he was, it was the first time I was seeing him, the song turned out to be good and I liked it” says Davido during a television interview.

The two have so far confessed not to have ever met before until in 2014 during Coke studio season 3.

This is one of the many successful stories and achievement of coke studio which happens under the current Billion reasons to believe in Africa! Number one remix, which has over nine million views on You Tube, bears the recognition of introducing Diamond to the west and Davido to the east Africa audience.


In addition it achieves the essence of showing possibility of African artist  and citizens working together.


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