My childhood Experience With Fanta

Indian girl holding a can of fanta photo courtesy of

Growing up in Eastland’s was such an exciting experience, but one thing is for sure, of all the 365 days there was one unique one that I would always look forward to. It was the Christmas day.

A young boy enjoys a Fanta drink Photo Courtesy of

A young boy enjoys a Fanta drink Photo Courtesy of

This is because of no other reason but to get that Fanta drip down my throat. Getting this drink in any other day apart from
this global holiday would be…
a dream come true.

The drink, a product of Coca-Cola Company which currently runs the Billion reasons to believe campaign, is fruit flavored and carbonated. Its carbonation aspect made me love it more due to a retching sound it birthed once u took it.

“Christmas without a Fanta drink, would not be Christmas at all to you. You would become restless and cause chaos all over” says my mum to me as I try to dig dipper from her on how obsessed I was with the drink

On that fateful day, I would wake up early and expectant of grabbing the cold soft beverage and pose with it in the photo studio as this was a unique day worth remembrance. After a calm church service, I would… rush home to have the heaviest lunch in the year as I entertain myself with series of cartoons that flood our screen within the Christmas season.

The drink would finally be served on the table by my lovely mummy, this was the moment! The fruit flavored moment, the refreshing moment. I would put a… pause to Samorai Jack cartoon on the screen, take a gulp of the cold orange drink, fill the dripping and get back to the screen.

This would continue all and over again for at least one to two hours drinking a 300 ml drink!  Finally the last drip would quench my thirst but live me thirstier. I was not contented. With the innocent thought in mind that I would wait for 300 plus more days to get this encounter with Fanta again, I couldn’t settle.

I would slowly sneak out of the room and visit the few neighbors who were not lucky, to travel to the countryside. My aim here was to… simply be invited over a glass of any Coca-Cola soft drinks. However my fingers were crossed to land on a neighbor enjoying Fanta orange.

How Fanta came to be


As I flashback on this experience, I remember a point where I developed a hobby of collecting the soft drink bottle tops. In the company of my friends, typical Eastland’s young teens, we would later flatten the tops and play interesting games such as “pekele” or “kashimo” this would help us avoid idleness and become creative.

These games became addictive and unavoidable especially during the Christmas season due to the availability of more bottle tops.

Years have passed and today I have grown into a more mature man with a different taste all together. This has been affected by body changes and the evolving leaving lifestyles. Fifteen years down the line, I now prefer a bitterer soft drink and that is Krest, the bitter lemon!

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