Samsung Unveils Awareness Campaign on its E-Warranty services


By TBR Correspondent @busines254

Global electronics giant Samsung Electronics has launched a promotion geared at raising awareness about its E-warranty service in Kenya.

The E-warranty promotion – dubbed “Buy and Win with Samsung” – will see consumers educated on how to verify the 2 year warranty on Samsung products, and get rewarded for purchasing authentic Samsung electronics from authorised partners and dealers.

“We have run similar campaigns in the past and found them to be successful, having raised the number of Samsung consumers checking and registering their products to about 80 per cent.

However this means that a further 20 per cent are yet to be… aware of the user and economic benefits of purchasing products covered by warranty, and this is what this campaign is about,” said Samsung Electronics East Africa Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Robert Ngeru as he addressed participants in the launch

Samsung offers a 2-year warranty, applicable to all Samsung products purchased from authorised dealers and partners, from mobile devices to all other electronic products.

In addition to entitling owners of Samsung products to free software upgrades where applicable, the 2 year warranty covers any manufacturer defects, giving consumers an avenue for recourse in the unlikely event that a genuine product purchased from an authorised dealer and/or partner is found to be defective.

“Our E-warranty checking system not only makes it easy for consumers to confirm that the products they are purchasing have warranty in Kenya, but also provides the psychological comfort that comes with knowing that you are using an authentic product,” added Mr. Ngeru.

With industry experts estimating that Kenya loses about Ksh.30 billion annually due to trade in counterfeits, more manufacturers are actively raising awareness on how consumers can identify authentic products with warranty.

The 8-week campaign will run up to 22nd… June 2015, and will see winners receive various prizes including the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, with the ultimate winner receiving a Samsung home makeover worth over Ksh.500,000. For customers to enter this campaign, they simply need to purchase a Samsung product and register.

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