800,000 Jobs created despite Kenya’s Economy drop.


By Abel Muhatia @abelmuhatia

Kenya’s economic growth has slowed down to 5.3% cent in 2014 from 5.7% recorded in 2013 causing an increase in the cost of living.

This is according to the latest report released yesterday by… Kenya National Bureau of statistics.

Insecurity, which led to a reduction of tourist flowing into the country and poor rains are key reasons for the drop, not leaving out the fear of contracting Ebola that was all over in a better part of late 2014 and earl this year.

Agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, industries are among the most affected sectors according to the report, while building, transport and construction divisions performed better.

However, despite the drop in growth, over 800,000 jobs were created with more of the opportunities witnessed in the informal sector.


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