Kenafric Bags the Energy Savings Award


By Abel Muhatia @abelmuhatia

Kenafric Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of confectionery, food, footwear and stationery has bagged the Energy Savings Award (EMA) in this year’s Energy Management Awards.

This comes after the industry implemented an online energy management system (EMS) that is capable of monitoring individual machines usage instantly.

The annual Awards, recognises enterprises that have made major sustainable gains in… energy efficiency through the use of innovative energy management principles and practices.

“Over the years, we have won 16 awards in different categories in which we stand 4 times Overall Energy Management Awards winner with a Runners UP in the same,” said Mikul Shah the Executive Director at Kenafric Industries.

However, rising cost of energy has posed a growing challenge to the businesses as they endeavour to bolster competitiveness of locally manufactured in comparison to imports.

Kenya Association of Manufactures (KAM) estimates that the inefficient use of energy, especially within industry leads to wastage of between 10 to 30 percent of primary energy input. Inregard to this realization, Kenafric company family has acquired its first bubble gum machine from Taiwan to kick start small-scale production.

Currently it is estimated that the average energy saving potential in Kenyan industry is over Ksh2 billion per annum.

Challenges to implementation of energy efficiency and conservation initiatives include lack of awareness of the benefits and methods of conservation, apathy, limited technical capacity and inadequate data.

The manufacture says it has a standalone energy management policy that is communicated to the staff and customers.


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