Digital Air conditioner Unveiled by Samsung

By Abel Muhatia @abelmuhatia

Multinational Company, Samsung has unveiled the worlds biggest capacity unit Air conditioner (AC)

Launched by Kenya’s Industrialization and enterprise cabinet secretary Adan Mohammed, the Digital Variable Multisystem (DVMs) is the latest customized AC that saves energy upto 30 percent.

“This is what we need while thinking of consumer development and as the government we will provide an ideal opportunity for you to move further” Noted Mohammed.

However the CS gave a stunt warning to those who manufacture counterfeit products, saying they will no tolerate duplication of products in a fake manner.

Robert Ngeru the Vice President of Samsung Products in East and Central Africa said the DVMs AC is especially suited for the price sensitive east Africa market due to its energy and space efficiency capabilities.

“This invention by Samsung is to let everyone knows that Samsung has you in mind before giving you any product “ said Ngeru

The AC has a dual smart inverter and is appropriate for compact installation. It consists of two compressors that operate simultaneously providing balanced oil distribution. This enables it to cool and heat at a faster rate.

In regard to the 2014 directive by the energy regulatory commission, the reduction in foot print of the AC gives the any property developer to  put up other facilities such as solar panels.

The smart technology installed in the unit allows one to control it from as far as a distance of 120 metres using a remote monitoring system or a smart phone synchronized with the AC ‘s Bluetooth option.


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